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ShenZhen Iceups Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of flake ice machine system who serves customers worldwide. Our company is located in ShenZhen, China, near the airport and deep-water wharf, well-located and easy of access, owns a modern top of the line manufacturing facility with advanced production techniques and management which has a strict quality control system.

ICEUPS provides a full range of flake ice systems which are applicable for Supermarket preservation, seafood restaurants, seafood processing, mean products processing, poultry processing, bread, biscuits, diary processing, chemical manufacturing, bio-technology , fruit and vegetable preservation, wind industry, fishery and concrete cooling, etc.. Our products can be used in harsh environments such as dusty constructions ground, bumpy and damp offshore and deep-sea fisheries, hot tropical temperature etc.

Our products: flake ice machine, ice storage equipment, ice delivery system and ice weighing system, are known for their dimensional accuracy, high efficiency & durability. The capacity of our ice machines range from 500kg to 200ton in 24hours, 90% of our flake ice machine's components are imported under top brand of each field and all undergo rigorous monitoring and quality control system to ensure superb quality of our flake ice system,
We believe that constant innovation in technology, strict quality control and excellent service will expanded our range to include better performing, more environment-friendly and lower running cost machines.

The business of our customers is our starting point when defining our own standards as your partner and supplier. As such, we are fully committed to make sure you always have top quality flake ice whenever, wherever you need it.